"Best Of" CD

AC hat jetzt auch eine Best Of CD. Die "Not Too Young, Not Too Old: Most Requested Hits"- CD. Zusätzlich zu der CD soll noch eine DVD dabei sein. Die enthält wahrscheinlich jede Menge Bilder und Videos. Man kann die CD schon vorbestellen bei .Hier ist die Track Liste der CD:

1. Aaron's Party (Come Get It)

2. I Want Candy

3. That's How I Beat Shaq

4. Oh Aaron (feat. Nick Carter, No Secrets)

5. Not To Young, Not To Old (feat. Nick Carter)

6. I'm All About You

7. Leave It Up To Me

8. Another Earthquake

9. To All The Girls

10. Summertime (feat. Baha Man)

11. Do You Remember

12. American AO

13. She Wants Me (feat. Nick Carter)

14. One Better

15. My Shorty

Another Earthquake:

1. Another Earthquake 

2. To All The Girls

3. Summertime (Featuring Baha Man)

4. My First Ride

5. Do You Remember

6. 2 Good 2 B True

7. When It Comes To You

8. American A O

9. Without You (There'd Be No Me)

10. Keep Believing

11. Sugar

Oh Aaron:

1. Oh Aaron  (Featuring Nick Carter und No Secrets)

2. Not Too Young, Not Too Old (Featuring Nick Carter)

3. Stride (Jump On The Fizzy) (Featuring No Secrets)

4. Come Follow Me

5. I Would

6. Baby It's You

7. I'm All About You

8. The Kid In You

9. Hey You

10. Cowgirl (Lil Mama)

Bonus Tracks:

11. Leave It Up To Me

12. Get Up On Ya Feet

13. One For The Summer

Aaron's Party (Come Get It):

1. Intro

2. Aaron's Party (Come Get It)

3. I Want Candy

4. Bounce

5. My Internet Girl

6. The Clapping Song

7. Iko Iko

8. Real Good Time

9. Tell Me What You Want

10. Jump Jump

11. Girl You Shine

12. Life Is A Party

Aaron Carter


1. Intro

2. I Will Be Yours

3. Crazy Little Party Girl

4. One Bad Apple

5. I'm Gonna Miss You Forever

6. Tell Me How To Make Your Smile

7. Shake It

8. Please Don't Go Girl

9. Get Wild

10. I'd Do Anything

11. Ain't That Cute

12. Crush On You

13. Swing It Out


Sonstige Songs:

Hang On Sloopy

Sugar Sugar

Everybody Stand Up

That's How I Beat Shaq

AC's Alien Nation

Children Of The World (Bravo All Stars)

Go Jimmy Jimmy

Have Some With The Funk

I Just Can't Wait To Be King

Let The Music Heal Your Soul (Bravo All Stars)

Little Bitty Pretty One


One Thing I Need


Surfin USA

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